Why "foodninja"?

Enjoy your favorite meal at the best prices

"Foodninja" is a mobile food delivery marketplace for restaurants around your city. We offer great value to restaurants in order for them to give you the best prices for your meal. Download our mobile apps and check out our promos and great deals that we offer.

Low commission for restaurants

As a restaurant, your success depends on the value you offer your customers to maximize profitability. That's why we are offering a low commision on your income to keep your prices low in order for you to scale and grow as a business. Our business model is solely based on restaurants success so that we can also exist to give customers the best deals.

Admin Panel for Restaurants

Our application usability is beyond compare. With our user-friendly admin panel, restaurants can manage their menu on the go without relying on us to avoid any service delays. It is simple, create an account and get started today.

We are hiring delevery personel

Our business model is to provide satisfaction to all our customers, the best way to do that is to have a satisfied driver. We make sure that our drivers are well taken cared of and if you want to deliver for us, just contact us. We can't wait to work with you.

Become a driver?

  • Do you own a motorbike ?
  • Do you want the freedome of your schedule?
  • Are you an entrepreneur?

Cities Available

Our goal is to open "foodninja" all over the philippines, we will start to open in Central Visayas.
Check the list of cities below to see the available cities right now:

  • MoalboalLaunch
  • Cebu cityComing soon
  • MandauePlanned
  • MactanPlanned
  • TagbilaranPlanned
  • PanglaoPlanned
  • DumagueteLaunch
  • DauinLaunch
  • BacolodPlanned
  • IloiloPlanned
  • BoracayComing soon
  • SiargaoPlanned

Do you have a restaurant?

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Standard Free + %

Sign up for free + 12% commission
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Questions & Answers

Yes, It is in your best interest to register your restaurant on several platforms to have more visibility and to take advantage of marketing and our "foodninja" community to grow your income.

You can register your own delivery team so they will be connected also to the application and you will be the one in charge of their remuneration.

We will be open in all majors cities of Central Visayas soon, you can check HERE the status of each city.

"The other similar apps are a delivery service that locks restaurants to use their service with a high commission between 25% and 30%, and collect all the money from orders and give the remaining balance several weeks after.

"foodninja" is a tool that restaurants can use to manage their own orders and delivery boys, with free marketing service all of this for a meager commission.

That means we just provide a platform and the restaurants are free to use their own delivery team for less cost. and give the best price to their customers.

In the case of cash on delivery, your driver will ask the customers to pay directly in cash..

In case of credit card payment, the remaining balance will be transferred weekly to the bank account of the restaurant.